Do you also feel the weight of the dark circles under your eyes? And are you looking for a cure in every way to eliminate this terrible blemish? As they say, the eye represents the mirror of the soul and since it is one of the most visible areas during a conversation, it risks compromising the first impression and the judgment that your interlocutor will make of you. In fact, accurate studies have confirmed that the face area and in particular the eye area are elements that strongly influence the opinion towards us.

When you establish any relationship with another individual, you can yourself see that the attention always falls on the eye area and the surrounding one, not surprisingly, therefore a poorly groomed face, particularly pronounced dark circles or other imperfections, such as bags under the eyes, crow’s feet and wrinkles, can play a decisive role in a first, superficial, evaluation that will be made of you. Nowadays these unsightly defects affect young and old, it has been found that more and more boys and girls of all ages have dark circles due to stress or due to factors affecting daily life. However, these factors can be kept under control, preventing or treating the onset of the problem and we at Dark Circles Remedies want to explain how to do it.

Dark circles Remedies is a site that will always keep you updated on the most common and non-common remedies, to correct this annoying imperfection that afflicts more and more people in the world, clarifying the ideas on what are the causes that lead to the formation of the problem and proposing the best natural remedies and not to resolve them definitively. We have also decided to add a chapter dedicated to remedies to cover dark circles in the correct way, choosing the right products and without damaging the skin with products that could worsen the condition of the eye contour and ruin the skin of your face.

Not everyone knows that the thin layer of epidermis located under the eyes is particularly rich in capillaries, which are very fragile, thin and easily subject to breakage. When these suffer injuries or break, they pour out small drops of blood and lymph that spread into the epithelial tissue under the skin, where they remain for a long time, generating an unnatural accumulation of melanin pigments.

An unbalanced lifestyle, a particularly stressful day, an inappropriate diet or all of these elements can contribute to damage to the capillaries with consequent spillage of liquids and growth of the problem of dark circles. Furthermore, these factors reduce the secretion of the sebaceous glands, which help protect the skin from external aggressions, increase the dryness of the skin, decreasing its elasticity.

Vasodilation is the physiological reason why dark circles appear, more or less dark depending on the severity, but what causes this vasodilation? In addition to stress and the other causes just mentioned, the presence of dark circles, in fact, can be due to genetic factors. The lack of restful sleep on the one hand and too many hours of rest on the other can damage our eye area. In addition, there are numerous external causes such as smoking, allergy to pollen and grasses, photo-aging caused by UV rays, excessive exposure to the computer or television screen, water retention or lack of hydration and lack of iron caused by anemia or other disorders.

How to prevent dark circles

Dear readers of Dark circles Remedies, everyone knows that the best remedy to solve a disorder is prevention, the defect of dark circles obviously does not escape this logic, therefore with some small preventive stratagem and some curative trick everyone can be able to definitively eradicate the dark circles that weigh down your gaze.

Dark circles Remedies in a few lines will reveal the secrets to erase dark circles from your face through small daily gestures to be performed daily that will help you improve the condition of your eye area and restore shine to your face.

A Good Diet

As already mentioned above, the foods that make up our daily diet affect the condition of our dark circles and our metabolism in general, damaging or benefiting our body in a slow but very evident way. Balance your diet, taking in a balanced way proteins, carbohydrates and fibers, avoid overdoing sugary fried foods and do not overdo alcohol.

Your skin needs vitamin C to keep active the production of collagen, an important protein that guarantees its elasticity. Furthermore, vitamin C facilitates the disposal of smoke, whether it derives from smog or tobacco, and clearly improves the condition of the small capillaries that make up the microcirculation, located in the area around our eyes. Therefore, eat lots of fruits and vegetables containing vitamin C, such as citrus fruits, kiwis, berries and broccoli.

Eat meat once or twice a week, always preferring the white one to the red one, give up cold cuts and sausages, the salt and preservatives they contain increase the risk of water retention. For the same reason, reduce the doses of salt and try to drink at least two liters of water a day: there are many strategies to succeed in this arduous task, personally I try to carry a bottle of water with me whatever I do and many times it happens to me to drink out of boredom.

A Balanced Life

Usually dark circles are associated with lack of sleep or in some cases with disturbed and discontinuous sleep, but it is not only the lack of sleep that causes these uncomfortable black halos to appear under the eyes, in fact even sleeping too much increases the risk of onset of this disorder. Furthermore, an accumulation of stress, a demeaning and tiring job, the lack or absolute lack of escape valves in everyday life aggravate the conditions of our eye area.

Dark circles Remedies advises you to take some time for yourself to reduce stress, take care of your relaxation and spend at least an hour a day outdoors. You don’t need to decide to play a sport, even if physical activity is recommended, you can also walk. To reduce tension Spa, massages and wellness centers are for us, when stress builds up excessively in your body, harmful toxins are released for your mood and your body.

Physical Exercise

As on the one hand the of ourselves and a dream vacation can facilitate the disappearance of dark circles, on the other hand, daily physical activity or genuine physical effort can act as a relief valve for stress, for those who do not happen in fact to feel frustrated in everyday life? Who wouldn’t want to vent their anger on their boss, colleague, friend or acquaintance? Obviously all this is not healthy for us or for those around us, the prolongation of a condition of malaise of this type sometimes manifests itself through skin rashes and imperfections.

Practicing active sports can prevent these unpleasant consequences, but, for the lazy, even a nice walk in the fresh air can only benefit your health and soothe the damage of dark circles, as well as obviously give your face a little light.