Among the jobs that you can do online, earn with Instagram is one of the most sought after by young people, along with being a Youtuber. In this article we will try to explain how to start, then the things to know, the various techniques to increase the number of followers .essential if you want to be considered by large sales companies or marketing agencies and what strategies to implement to be able How to Make Money with Instagram.

In the recent business landscape now all businesses can no longer do without their online presence. If many have not had the opportunity or have never thought of investing in a site to be found on Google, the opposite happens with social presence: the nature of free sharing, intercepting requests and approval of the public and close contact with the latter .make the social presence of companies much more cared for and followed.

Among the many social platforms, there is Instagram, the visual channel that in the last period has been more successful due to its immediacy. From individuals or companies, you can monetize with Instagram, through strategies aimed at growing popularity and fame.

How to earn with Instagram?

or How to Make Money with Instagram? Instagram has been the best performing social network on the online scene for more than a year now.

With over 500 million monthly users and 75 million daily active users, it represents not only a place to exchange passions and entertainment but also a place to be highly professional.

Everyday people who put time, energy, and perseverance can make money on Instagram, not indifferent sums: this is thanks to high amounts of followers, which allow not only to monetize their content but also to be attractive to any brand willing to finance .considering the profiles that present their products or services reliable, serious and professional.

However, a targeted strategy is required depending on your business and your audience.

5 Ways to Make Money with Instagram

There is no strategy that works in every case, the answer varies depending on your business, as well as your goals.

However, there are tips that can be applied from the beginning, which allow you to give more visibility to your profile and, in the future, start earning with Instagram, thanks to a high number of followers (from 50,000 upwards) and possible collaborations. So, after making your business plan:

First of all, you need to increase the number of your Followers.

If you want to start sponsoring something or even if you would like to be contacted by some marketing house or agency, the first thing you have to do is to increase your number of followers.

The more followers you have, the more you are an “influencer” and your posts can be seen by more people.

So here’s a guide on how to increase followers on Instagram.(How to Make Money with Instagram)

Focus on aesthetics and content

The aesthetic aspect of your Instagram profile is the first element that your audience notices.

Precisely for this reason, it is important to take care of your image.

also be consistent with your business, publishing thematic and sectoral content.

The first actions can already help to grow your followers:

  • Upload profile photo, which immediately shows your appearance or logo, making the idea immediately
  • Write a bio, with all the information about your business, explaining in a few words what you do, using a couple of personal hashtags that identify the profile, and contact information such as website or email
  • Publish content, to drive traffic to your profile through photos, high quality, with hashtags attached and intercepting interested audience
  • Publish stories, visible to your followers, with a duration of 24 hours or to keep in evidence (with the company profile)

It is also extremely important to be consistent with the publications, not only regarding the topic but also the timing and quality.

If you have a high standard of quality you should maintain it, as well as the periodicity of publication.

Be present

It becomes necessary to grow your content and the involvement of the latter, only in this way also the followers can increase.

To be visible and present you can:

  • Use hashtags relevant and pertinent to the photos, so as to give them greater visibility and make them reach more audiences .you can also study a series of hashtags to be used frequently
  • Create one or more personal hashtags, which can grow little by little taking advantage of the fame of the most popular ones
  • Engage with followers, responding to comments or questions like in a customer service department
  • Engage with similar profiles by following, commenting on, or liking profiles similar to your own
  • Mention, engaging with other profiles when possible

It’s always a good idea to be present on both your own and others’ profiles.

also following hashtags to find interesting content and get inspiration.

Promote products and services.

It is extremely important for a business or a freelancer to show the fruits of their labor,

showing products and services:

  • Post photos of finished products, already available for sale
  • Show the behind-the-scenes, showing the work behind the products
  • Propose discounts and special offers, accompanied by attractive graphics
  • Involve customers by having them post images of a particular product or where you are together, asking for a mention or the use of your own hashtag

The promotion of your work is not only in publishing content.

but in maintaining relationships with followers, to make them join your network of contacts or regular customers.


The affiliation to some online stores, allows us to earn money from the sale of products of this store.

the moment the user has passed before on Our site and clicked on the link that we have published on Our page/article/photo.

It is a very simple practice and can be very profitable too .depending on the number of products sold and the percentage we have on each type of sale.

Here: How to earn with affiliations on Instagram.

How to Make Money with Instagram

Be a sponsor

Once your profile has grown particularly (about 50,000 followers) .you can be noticed as an influencer for brands, products, and services that are consistent with your image.

It is possible to:

  • Post photos in which you wear an outfit or use a certain product, mentioning the profiles of the brands themselves or using relevant hashtags, so as to be noticed
  • Look for collaboration with other influencers looking for growth, mentioning or contacting them, to increase your network of contacts
  • Subscribe to sponsored campaign channels to get noticed by brands, such as
    • Buzzoole
    • Tapinfluence
    • Ifluenz

It is also possible to join affiliate circuits, such as Amazon’s, which through discount codes provided by them allow you to earn a percentage.

each time the product presented on Instagram is purchased using that code.

Sell photos

Instagram is particularly suitable for photographers, amateurs or professionals, who want to have visibility. Their own photos, protected of course by watermark, can be sold:

On Instagram to people or agencies interested in buying them

On sites that sell copyrighted images such as

  • Adobe Fotolia
    • Twenty20
    • Shutterstock

To remember in this case that customers or photo buying sites can be very demanding, so it is essential to have material of excellent quality.

So is it convenient to get involved in Instagram?

Considering that Instagram is now the most performing social platform in terms of audience engagement and versatility, especially among young people (as opposed to Facebook which is now used only by mature and elderly people) .it is extremely important to think of their content not only in quantity but even more in quality. High numbers of followers can be detrimental if the numbers of individual posts are derisory, so it is better to have fewer followers but participate more actively.

Another element to consider is also the increasingly frequent presence of bots

i.e. automation that intercepts certain hashtags or profiles making follow, like, or comment operations in a totally automatic. And uninterrupted way, to increase followers and success of posts.

In addition to being paid and sometimes very expensive.

these practices can lead to the blocking of the profile if managed incorrectly.

This is because Instagram, as well as Facebook, prefers more natural and genuine interactions, which are based on the human factor and pure interest. In fact, it is appropriate to focus on a specific niche audience, sectionalized, presenting products and services suitable for it.

With consistency, perseverance, and commitment, you can also intercept brands.

so as to tighten any collaborations and start to monetize more.

Finally, it’s to be stated that Instagram is that the simplest one among the various social networks

that an influencer or blogger can rely on.

He should also be present online with his own website or blog, on Facebook, Youtube, and other platforms. (if it is the case and depending on his type of online work).

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