where to start to Learning Python programming and which programming languages you need to know: here are the answers.

Learning to program from scratch is possible, but you must first understand what it really means and what training options are possible.In addition to an overview of the languages and the different types of programming courses and programming schools.

in this article, you will find practical advice for those who, as a beginner, want to learn a programming language but do not know where to start.

How to start Learning Python programming

What is web programming?

You have decided to learn to program for the web, great idea! Let’s try to explain it to you. In short, web programming is the set of programming activities and techniques that one or more specialized people, programmers or developers (developer), carry out to create applications and sites for the web. What is web programming, and How to Start Learning Python programming?

These activities concern programming languages (scripting languages) that is through the writing of the code, the web developer can develop and manage programs and find IT solutions based on the needs of the individual case.

What are the most used programming languages? There are several programming languages used by web developers and before introducing you to some of them, we want to explain what they are.

A programming language is a language with a set of rules, used to write computer programs. What it is composed of are instructions which, starting from a set of input data, produce a set of output data.

There are many programming languages and they are mainly divided into two categories:

interpreted and compiled.

The languages interpreted An interpreted language is defined as a language that needs software, called an interpreter, to be executed.

One of the most famous programming languages interpreted is certainly Java, born in 1991, and today more famous than ever because it is often used for the development of applications for Android devices and various software related to the enterprise world.

Python, on the other hand, is seen by professionals as the easiest programming language to understand because it has easily readable code and, very often, it is recommended to those who want to start programming. Its main field of application is data manipulation and “big data” and Machine Learning applications.

About PHP

PHP, recursive acronym of PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor, was born in 1994 and is used to create dynamic web pages. Since 1994 it has undergone numerous evolutions that have led it to be a modern and fast language.
PHP is the most used programming language on the web also thanks to the fact that it is the language in which the famous WordPress CMS is written. According to data from W3Tech, 78.9% of existing websites use PHP as their backend language. Initially very similar to Java, in recent years it has made different choices that have made it a modern language. C # (read as the expression see sharp) is the reference language for the .NET world, Microsoft’s development platform.

JavaScript is probably one of the most popular programming languages and is mainly used in web applications.
It was born in 1995 and is still the only programming language that browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Edge …) can understand: for this reason, it is essential to know it to create “client-side” interactions, that is, in the part of the site visible from the ‘user.

In 2009 a new life for Javascript begins because, thanks to the NodeJS project, it can also be used to create backend applications. Ruby is a fully object-oriented language but is also used as a scripting language to create small command-line applications.

Despite the elegant syntax and great enthusiasm from the community (especially startups) at its birth, it has not yet managed to carve out a relevant slice of the market.