There was a time when the easiest tool to use to start a blog was Blogspot, the free platform from Google. When WordPress started to catch on, it quickly proved to be an equally simple, but much better tool. So some bloggers started thinking about moving the site from Blogger to WordPress. Even today there are many bloggers, even established ones, who wish to leave blogspot due to the many functional limitations that also affect their creativity. In this article, I’ll teach you how to migrate from blogger to WordPress the easy way. At the end of the reading you will be able to do it yourself. At the end of the post, some solutions to problems while migrating from Blogger to WordPress

Why Switch from Blogger to WordPress

The need to export the site from blogger to WordPress arises when this begins to become something important and you want to switch to a more flexible, more customizable product that allows you to take care of its SEO in a better way.

Basically, when you want to switch from blogger to WordPress, it means that the owner of the site has grown in many respects and needs to improve, to level up. In fact, although it is an easy platform to use, Blogger has many limitations.

How to Migrate from Blogger to WordPress What we need to migrate from blogger to WordPress are:

the blog created with blogger (blogspot) a new domain in which to install wordpress We will see both cases in which the blog on blogspot is a subdomain (eg or it is a top level domain, created with blogspot but hosted on another hosting (eg

The initial phase will be the same in both cases.

However, if your blogger site is not a subdomain, before starting the import you will need to:

transfer the domain from blogger to wordpress set the url as on blogger.

Now we can start with the actual transfer. Export Blogger site (Blogspot) This operation is of unprecedented ease. Follow these simple instructions and you will have completed the export in a few minutes. Open the Blogger panel. Click on “Settings” as in the following figure.

Click on “More” in the drop-down menu that opens and then on the “Back up contents” button. See following image.

Now save the backup file on your computer. It will be an .xml file.

For now we are done with blogger.

Blogspot content import on WordPress We will now import blogspot content to WordPress.

I guess if you have a blogger site like, you want to get rid of the blogspot domain and make the blog url mysite.xx.

After verifying that the domain name is available, purchase it from one of the many hosting services available on the market. I recommend using good hosting that can help you in any situation. One of the best and undoubtedly Siteground, fast and reliable hosting, with an excellent 24-hour support service. Siteground, if you want, make the switch from Blogger to Worpdress for you for free. In any case you can choose one to your liking.

So, once you have purchased the domain and installed WordPress, follow these simple instructions to transfer the site from blogspot.

Look for “Tools” in the left column of the Worpdress bulletin board. Click on “Import” in the drop-down menu that opens Click on the first item Blogger – “Start Import“.

Now upload the xml file that you obtained earlier from blogger and wait a few moments. Before finishing the process you will be asked if you want to assign the contents of the site to the username you used with blogspot or assign them to the username created in WordPress. Choose the second option.

At the end of the operation you will have made the transfer from blogger to WordPress.

Check that everything is in order and that articles, images and categories have been imported correctly.