Those looking to get into the world of blogging are looking for the best platform that has the most features for one price. Free (attention, it’s not always the best option)! The best blogging platforms currently available are without a doubt Blogger and WordPress, but which one is better? WordPress or Blogger

it depends on what you are looking for, it basically depends on what your needs are. In this article, I’m going to show you the pros and cons of each blogging platform for me, to give you a general idea, the decision is yours alone.

WordPress is a CMS (Content Management System) that allows you to manage a blog (or website) in a very simple way without having to know anything about web HTML programming intuitive and easy to use graphical interface.

You can create entire pages, articles, and websites with just a few clicks of the mouse.

WordPress is available in two versions.

The first with free hosting on, where you can create and publish articles in 10 minutes,

but with reduced functionality compared to the second, the free, self-hosted version of that requires your own storage space.

Let’s analyze the completely free version:

  • it is very easy to create new articles, new pages, manage comments, change the blog theme among the thousands of themes available for free and paid, and many other features.
  • by default the domain name is, but it is possible (and I recommend it) to purchase your own domain name through WordPress at a cost of $ 13 per year. For example, you can buy
  • it is not necessary to know any programming language. WordPress offers a good customization of the blog appearance, through simple clicks, using Widgets.
  • offers a good number of Widgets to allow customization of the sidebar, for example with text insertion, images, polls, recent, popular articles and a lot of other interesting and useful stuff.
  • if you want to monetize the blog, you will not be able to use AdSense, but you can take advantage of WordAds. integration with Twitter. you can install WordPress on your hosting in order to have full control over the blog, ability to change the blog icon (favicon).
  • creation of customized menus (useful for showing the navigation menu, but not only). by paying $ 30 per year, the ability to directly change the theme code, such as colors, font and CSS style in general, will be enabled.
  • adaptation of the theme according to the device on which the site is displayed (Responsive).
  • no multilingual support service.
  • poor customization of the structure without upgrading to the paid version.
  • PRO version rather expensive, if you consider the fact that the free version of is available which allows you to have the same features (and many more).WordPress or Blogger


Blogger is the free platform offered by Google. The most advantageous aspect is that you can create your blog in less than 10 minutes ,ready to start publishing an article and be immediately visible on the net

Furthermore, Blogger is fully integrated with all the services offered by Google itself, such as Google Webmaster Tools, Adsense, Analytics…

this is very beneficial as it avoids wasting time adding your blog to all these services.

  • it is very easy to create new articles, new pages and change the blog theme with one of the many free themes offered.
  • the domain name is by default, but it is possible (and I recommend it) to buy your own domain name through Blogger at a cost of $ 10 per year, for example you can have it.
  • it is not necessary to know any programming language. Blogger offers a good customization of the appearance of the blog, through simple clicks, using the gadgets.
  • lots of gadgets (more or less like WordPress widgets), which allow you to add videos, most popular articles, images, statistics and a lot of other features.
  • if you want to monetize the blog, the insertion of AdSense is very simplified as it is a service provided by Google itself. To insert a banner, just insert a gadget, then with a simple click.
  • it is quite simple to manage the automatic translation of the blog through Google Translate, but you cannot manage a multilingual blog correctly.
  • since it is a service offered by Google, many features oriented towards Google are promoted, such as gadgets to include the Google + social network … a little intrusive, but it is the right price to pay for a free service.
  • all your data are on a web space provided by Google, if you violate its regulation, your account will be closed immediately and without notice, losing everything you have created up to that moment.
  • modification of the HTML code is not very simple and intuitive.
  • php is not used. there is no possibility to install Blogger on your own web space, so you cannot have full control .


WordPress or Blogger